• Week of July 27

    Do you like bugs?  We've attached some cool pics of a katydid that Kim found on our tree guard outside the front door of the school.  If you are on FB - you might want to join "bugspotting" a site where people post and admire pictures of insects - many are quite beautiful.  This link tells you more about our katydid:

    I can't say I like mosquitos and ticks! Check out these resources for info on mosquito control and how to avoid or treat a tick bite.

    ... and we've included pics from the garden.  The white flower is a balloon flower -they also come in shades of pink, blue and purple.  Can anyone identify the other plant and which insect needs it to survive?  

    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
  • Week of July 6

    One of the things most students find interesting in the school garden are these weird bumpy leaves from our hackberry tree.  What do you think causes the bumps?  Read the article to find out.

    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
  • Week of June 26

    I will try to continue posting what is growing in our garden every two weeks for the summer. Thanks to our garden keepers - Chip and Kim - we have been able to document so many of the flowers as they bloom.  If you are walking by and take some good pics through the fence - please email them to with a date and I will post them here. 

    Here is a link to some free (virtual) gardening classes sponsored by GrowNYC this summer - I may see you there!

    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
  • Last Garden Visit

    I am posting some photos from my last visit to the garden on June 15th.  I hope to post more soon!

    Check out these great ideas from our friends at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
  • What's growing this week?

    Check out the beautiful flowers growing in Natures's Classroom on June 1st.   Double click on the attachments below - you will be rewarded with some real beauty. 

    Did you have fun with the School Spirit Wednesday Scavenger Hunt?  Here is another from our friends at edible school yard.

    Nature's Classroom @ PS 102
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